Complion Mitarbeitervorstellung: Henri Fild


COMPLION Insights - Employee Portrait: Henri Fild

Our company is made up of people and we want to introduce them to you in the coming weeks and months. Today we are speaking with COMPLION co-founder Henri Fild. We find out what makes COMPLION tick, what his daily tasks are, and what he does when he's not working on client projects.

Who are you?

My name is Henri Fild and I come from the beautiful Rhineland. Accordingly, I grew up with the famous Rhineland openness and a pronounced local patriotism. I studied business administration in Cologne for my bachelor's degree and then completed a part-time master's degree in IT management at Complion. My professional focus is on IT provider management and software asset management. However, I like to learn new things and am always open for new challenges.

How did you come to work for Complion?

Put simply: I was in the right place at the right time. My journey with Complion began with an internship semester at a Big Four accounting firm. During this very exciting time, I was able to gain many new impressions and first experiences in management consulting. The varied projects and the diversity of topics excited me from the very beginning. The reason I took the leap into the unknown in my early twenties and embarked on the adventure of founding a company was the great people at my side. Looking back, it was the right decision. The cohesion and fun in the team still makes Complion something special today. Accordingly, I can say that my colleagues were the reason for my decision back then and are the reason for my strong identification with the company today.

What are your main focuses at Complion?

My consulting focus is primarily on IT provider management and software asset management. In one of my first projects, I worked as a service architect in Munich. There I supported an IT service provider in the public sector to conceptualize scalable services in the area of Software License & Asset Management. Currently, I am helping this client to migrate decentrally distributed organizational units into its central license management. In another project, I am working on the introduction of a company-wide IT provider management. With the goal of effectively managing the existing delivery and service obligations with IT service providers, a customized concept was created and coordinated with the responsible parties. In this context, roles, responsibilities, processes, and organizational mapping had to be described and translated into work instructions at the operational level. Currently, I am working on the development of a technical solution design for the implementation of the contractual service provider control in the customer's systems. Away from my projects, I am mentally engaged in the further development of the topics Data Asset Management as well as Digital Compliance Management. In addition, my involvement in internal product development provides the necessary diversion from the project business. A successful example would be the development of our internal iOS app for time tracking. I like the fact that Complion offers me the opportunity to continuously learn new things and to always grow beyond myself.

What does your day-to-day work at Complion look like?

My day usually starts with coffee. Afterwards, the first appointment / conference call is usually already waiting in my calendar. Accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, I can do most of my work remotely and there is no need to be at the client's site. Accordingly, I do a lot of work from the home office. Nevertheless, I try to be present in our Cologne office at least one or two days per week. Especially the time during the lockdown showed that I missed the social exchange with my colleagues. As a rule, I am in the office every Friday and enjoy the view of the Rhine there. I usually arrange the second day flexibly - depending on who is in the office when and what needs to be discussed. In customer projects, we always try to cooperate as a team in order to achieve better results through joint exchange. The collaboration is always based on open communication, mutual trust and respectful interaction.

What are you passionate about outside of Complion?

After a long day at work, I like to go for a run to clear my head and switch off. In this context, I occasionally go running with colleagues or take part in public runs with them (e.g. Cologne Old Town Run / Bridge Run). Otherwise, I enjoy good series on Netflix and watch the Bundesliga soccer team 1. FC Köln. As soon as I feel wanderlust, I am always drawn to Austria. With Vienna in particular, I associate a special feeling for life. On my first visit in April 2016, I fell in love with this lovely and livable city.

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