Software Asset & License Management


Software Asset & License Management

Cost-effective use of software

Cost-effective software deployment in a complex business environment

Our customer base for Software Asset Management projects includes DAX-listed corporations, large public organizations (ministries, healthcare bodies, public authorities) as well as medium-sized companies. We often continue to support our clients on a long-term basis.

Annual expenditure on software can quickly reach 100 million Euros. The large number of software manufacturers, the many types of available contract models and the rapid rate of software innovation all have to be managed. There is often significant scope here to optimize a client’s relationship with its vendors, its licensing and its selection of the correct type of contract. Additionally, this can prevent unjustified re-licensing claims from vendors.

Together with our clients’ IT management, we develop strategies and apply methods and tools that ensure the deployment of cost-effective software. We provide specific licensing expertise for manufacturers such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, VMware, Adobe and Autodesk.

Complion operates the Vendor Observer Competence Center (VOCC) in cooperation with VOICE e.V. The VOCC is a monthly "trusted community" format for software asset managers. Experts provide status reports and assessments on licensing-relevant topics and issue recommendations on how to handle updates and changes. The focus is on the monitoring of licensing changes from relevant software manufacturers, as well as new developments and innovations in the SAM environment. In addition, changes in the audit environment will be reported and vendor-related best practices will be shared with the participants. Companies thus receive an overview of current SAM topics and benefit from continuous market observation. This results in major efficiency gains for employees working in the SAM domain.