Mein Einstieg bei COMPLION als Berater:in – Was erwartet mich und was bringe ich mit?


Joining COMPLION as a consultant - What can I expect and what do I bring to the table?

Are you a graduate or just starting your career and wondering what your entry into working life with COMPLION might look like? In this blog post, we want to show you the specialist areas in which COMPLION is active and what the average workday looks like for a career starter. You will also get an insight into the development opportunities, and we will tell you which skills you should ideally already have in your toolbox if you want to join COMPLION.

In which areas is COMPLION active?

COMPLION is an independent consulting firm with a focus on digital compliance. Our aim is to take a holistic view of IT governance, IT risk and IT compliance in all aspects of digital transformation. We typically support our clients at the interface between management and IT.

What are the resulting consulting contents (excerpt)?

IT Asset Management:

  • Efficient software and cloud deployment through license balancing and user optimization in the cloud, among other things
  • Cost optimization of IT assets, with core expertise in software and cloud services
  • Support with tool selection in IT asset management
  • Contract management


  • Advice in connection with current regulations (ISO 19770, VAIT, LkSG, NIS2, Dora, etc.)
  • Projects for the implementation of relevant regulations (ISO 27001, BSI-GS, GDPR, etc.)
  • Data protection management
  • Carve Out/In Project Management (Signing to Closing)
  • Creation of vendor risk assessment / contract strategy

IT Security Management:

  • Implementation of security assessments (maturity level determination)
  • Business continuity management, conception and implementation
  • Project management for prevention and post-incident recovery

In our projects, we typically analyze the customer's initial situation and determine the customer's level of maturity with regard to an issue. We then work with the customer to develop a target vision from which we derive the steps required to achieve this goal. When implementing these steps, we use project management methods to ensure that the objectives are achieved and to manage the project team.

How can acquired knowledge be reconciled with the consulting topics?

Based on the modules of the Data and Information Science degree program at TH Köln, an exemplary assignment of selected consulting content and its requirements is applied to the main areas of study:

What does your everyday life as a consultant at COMPLION look like?

Consultant life is very varied - monotony and stagnation are unknown. No two days are the same. You are confronted with new challenges, problems and complex tasks every day and are encouraged to constantly develop and surpass yourself. Your know-how and expertise are the building blocks we rely on.

We want to promote your professional development so that you are able to apply your theoretical knowledge and experience in practice.

Even as a career starter, you will be involved in projects right from the start. You will work with experienced senior consultants who will support and guide you in your tasks and work with you to develop your personal and professional skills.

The clear focus is on the development of technical content through research, understanding, preparation and ultimately the target group-oriented presentation and communication of this expertise.

In addition to applying your specialist knowledge in projects, you can also make a personal contribution - whether through innovation topics and product development or organizational topics.

This also requires some additional soft skills such as time management and communication. We already described these skills in detail in a blog post a month ago, which you can read again here (COMPLION - Soft Skills for young professionals).

These are necessary because we often act as "translators and mediators" between the contact persons, e.g. the leadership/management level, the technical experts and end users, who have different requirements and information needs.

What should I bring with me as a career starter?

In addition to the soft skills described above, you will need a degree in the relevant subject area, depending on the entry opportunity with us. You can find the details in our job advertisements. Take a look at our homepage: COMPLION | Who are we looking for?

The following graphic gives you an insight into how you can join us with a degree in business administration, computer science or similar:

What are my development opportunities at COMPLION?

With us, you can pursue both a career with a technical focus and a management career with a customer/management focus. In each project, you will have an experienced senior consultant at your side to support you in your professional development and a personal mentor for your personal development. In addition, COMPLION offers numerous internal and external training courses that will also help you in your development.

If this article has piqued your interest and you would like to join COMPLION, please send us your application:


Author: Christoph Busche