Group-wide SAM – design and implementation

Group-wide SAM – design and implementation

Design and worldwide implementation of a group-wide Software Asset Management (SAM) system


Design and implementation of a global SAM system to ensure software license compliance and improve the cost-effectiveness of software deployment.


Initial situation and problem definition

Group operating globally with over 40,000 IT users

Licensing responsibility not consistently described and assigned

Documentation of procured software licenses often incomplete

No uniform processes for license management

Growing number of vendor audits

Task: Formulation of group-wide Software Asset Management concept and subsequent implementation in all units


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Optimization of license costs over the entire software life cycle

Cost savings in the use and management of software

Ensure software license compliance and minimize risks

Introduction of economic SAM processes according to best practice

Positive return on investment in less than two years after introduction



10-month conception phase with four subprojects

After approval, worldwide rollout in all regions: rollout controlled centrally, but local responsibility for implementation

Parallel: Introduction of a group-wide expert committee to control license management issues

Handover to the line organization after preparation of the initial license compliance report and ensuring compliance


Results achieved and outlook

Group-wide guidelines for license management including clear assignment of responsibility for software licensing

Ensure license compliance for the top 25 product families via regular license balancing and use of a central tool

Savings achieved in line with targets

Outlook: further integration with software portfolio management planned