WinterON – Das Complion Team Event in Lübeck


WinterON - The Complion Team Event in Lübeck

Complion's annual winter event was upon us again and this time Team Northern Germany organized a joint trip to the beautiful Hanseatic city of Lübeck. With history, puzzles, food and drink (and a bit of work too), we spent a few wonderful days on the snow-covered old town island.

Arrival with obstacles

The parallel rail strike has become a tradition at Complion Events. We don't know how the DB staff find out when we are holding our events, but more than once they have managed to schedule their strike to coincide with our arrival dates. But once again, the travel savvy Complion team didn't let themselves get rattled and almost the entire team made it to Lübeck on time.

Of tilting gates, salt and Napoleon

Our stay in Lübeck began with an evening tour of the city. Helmut Maffry,  a true “lübsche Jung” (a Lübeck boy), dressed in the impressive costume of a Hanseatic mayor, led us from the surprisingly crooked Holsten Gate through the entire city. We learned about Lübeck's rise to become the Queen of the Hanseatic League, which was due to the flourishing trade in spices, salt and salted herring. We also learned that the Napoleonic general Jean Baptiste Bernadotte (later known as Charles XIV John of Sweden) not only once captured the city for France, but also later liberated it from France for Sweden. After almost two hours of soaking up history, we were hungry and well chilled from the north wind - accordingly, we moved into the Restaurant Potato Cellar to fortify ourselves before a long night in Torrio’s Bar.

Working, solving puzzles, eating pizza

The next day began with our all-hands meeting. The entire team came together in the Cre8tive Room Lübeck to look back on the past year and plan the coming year. Our participation in events and our social media activities were on the agenda. After our work was done, we had time to explore the city on our own in the remaining daylight. In the late afternoon, we gathered at the Key Zone Escape Room to solve puzzles in three timed teams and escape from a tricky situation (here’s another shout-out to my number 1 team – great first place. 😊).

As soon as everyone was free again, escaped from the clutches of serial killers or similar dangers, we quickly took a cab to the Sudden Death Brewery, where an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet and an all-you-can-taste beer menu awaited us. We ended the evening in the old factory hall between tall stainless-steel tanks with good food and drinks.

The next day, everyone headed back home, sometimes all the way to the depths of Bavaria. And if you want to be part of our team events next time, in summer and winter, then look at this link and apply:

Author: Tobias Philipsen