Mitarbeiterportrait: Roman Scholtysik


Mitarbeiterportrait: Roman Scholtysik

Our company is made up of people and we want to introduce them to you over the coming weeks and months. Today we're talking to Roman Scholtysik. We find out what COMPLION is all about for him, what his daily tasks are and what he does when he's not working on customer projects.

Hi Roman, tell us a bit about yourself!

When introducing oneself, one often starts with the name, so: my name is Roman Scholtysik and I was born in the beautiful Lower Rhine region. After growing up, I went to Aachen University of Applied Sciences. I studied computer science there. During my master's thesis, I programmed my own social media app, which is perhaps where my enthusiasm for programming comes from.

How did you come to Complion?

I came across Complion at an information event organized by my former Master's professor. Complion was one of the companies that presented itself there. The team made a very positive impression on me, and the areas of work sounded exciting. I then sent off an application and everything took its course. 

What is your focus at Complion?

My activities at Complion are very varied. For example, I was able to support a customer in the automotive industry in rebuilding its entire IT infrastructure after a cyber attack. I am currently working more in software asset management and am part of the Voice Cyber Security Competence Center editorial team. This team deals with current topics in the field of cyber security on a weekly basis. I have also programmed an internal iOS app for managing our working hours and am working on improving it. (There will always be new features and bugs).

What does your day-to-day work at Complion look like?

At home, I start the working day with a cup of coffee from my beloved and very old Bialetti. As the work is very varied, there is no such thing as "the" one working day. One constant throughout the week is the editorial work of the Voice Cyber Security Competence Center. Otherwise, I work on tasks and requests from customers. At the moment, I'm working a lot on artificial intelligence and want to get a better overview of the jungle of buzzwords. 

What are you passionate about outside of Complion?

I regularly find a balance to my work at the gym. Switching off and simply thinking about nothing is the perfect balance for me. If the weather plays along (it can't be too warm), I go for a jog or two in the nearby park. I'm also very interested in the wide range of cultural activities on offer in the city of Cologne.