Complion Insights: Mitarbeitervorstellung - Tobias Philipsen


Complion Insights: Mitarbeitervorstellung - Tobias Philipsen

Our company is made up of people and we want to introduce them to you in the coming weeks and months. Today we are talking about Tobias Philipsen from our IT security team. We'll find out what makes COMPLION tick, what his daily tasks are, and what he does when he's not working on customer projects.

Who are you?

My name is Tobias Philipsen, I am from Flensburg and now live in Hamburg. I studied International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark before joining Complion. Through my knowledge in the laws of cyber warfare I ended up in IT consulting and accordingly my focus lies heavily on cybersecurity at Complion.

How did you come to Complion?

During my studies I was able to do internships in the diplomatic service of a small European state. There I already dealt with the topic of cybersecurity in the international arena. During these internships, I learned to appreciate working in small organizations – which is something I also like at Complion. Small teams mean a lot of individual freedom, a diverse portfolio of tasks and steep learning curves. In a consulting firm, you are confronted with different challenges every day that put your problem-solving skills to the test.

What are your main focuses at Complion?

At Complion, I prefer to deal with topics related to IT security. For example, I am the editorial director of the Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC), which we operate in cooperation with the IT user association Voice e.V. I also advise customers in projects on IT security topics, especially on the process and governance side.

When I'm not working on client projects or at the CSCC, I'm writing here on the Digital Compliance Blog and edit our website and social media channels.

What does your day-to-day work at Complion look like?

I spend half of my week in my home office and the other half in the office, at client sites or in other locations. Typically, I (or rather our AI solution) scour the web in the morning over my first coffee, looking for IT security news, which we prepare in the CSCC for the participating client companies. After that, I choose to work on customer projects, often in the form of PowerPoint, in the CSCC (also in the form of PowerPoint), or I handle internal issues, such as writing blog articles (as I am doing at this moment), creating social media posts or further developing the company.

What are you passionate about outside of Complion?

As a newly moved Hamburg resident, I spend my free time exploring the city, always on the lookout for interesting cafés, restaurants, and bars. From previous jobs I have developed a curiosity for good coffee, good food and good drinks. When the weather is too bad for such activities - Hamburg is relatively good at having bad weather - you can find me in museums and exhibitions or sometimes on the couch with a PlayStation controller in my hand.

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