Complion Insights: Employee Profile - Robin Enste


Complion Insights: Employee Profile - Robin Enste

Our company is made up of people and we want to introduce them to you in the coming weeks and months. Today we are talking about Robin Enste from our IT security team. We'll find out what makes COMPLION tick, what his daily tasks are, and what he does when he's not working on customer projects.

Who are you?

My name is Robin Enste, I come from a small town on the edge of the Sauerland region and I currently work for Complion in the area of IT security and software development. My technical focus is in the area of IT security governance and interface communication.

How did you come to Complion?

In 2016, I started studying IT security / information technology at the Ruhr University in Bochum. I then more or less "slipped in" at Complion, as is sometimes the case. I needed an industrial internship, Complion needed support by a working student. I have not regretted this decision so far and I also doubt that it will ever be the case. Not only because of the family cohesion within the company, but also because I believe it is almost impossible to get better training anywhere.

What are your main focuses at Complion?

My thematic focus lies in the area of information security and there in the area of security governance. In the Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC), I work as a cyber security expert and am responsible for researching current vulnerabilities in a wide range of industrial products. A fast and precise analysis of all known information is particularly important here. From time to time we even manage to act faster than the BSI.

At Complion, I was already able to contribute my skills in the areas of BSI IT-Grundschutz and ISO/IEC 27001, among others, in technical presentations and tenders. I was also able to provide support there on an operational level, for example in the selection and testing of sandboxing solutions in the insurance environment or in the processing of cyber security incidents and the operation of release processes.

In addition, I am involved in various projects, such as the development of processes for the exchange of softphones or currently supporting the restructuring of business units in the banking environment.

Internally, I am currently involved in planning the development of the corporate strategy. During the Christmas season, on the other hand, I am responsible for setting the mood for the team members together with another colleague.

What does your day-to-day work at Complion look like?

My daily work routine is still a bit in the planning stage after my move across Germany (from NRW to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Therefore, my activity is primarily limited to the home office. As a rule, I start my day with researching current security vulnerabilities until corresponding tasks from the projects land on my desk. The lunch break is sometimes postponed depending on the urgency of some tasks, but it is still very important to me that I keep to it. You can only be effective if you have enough time to recover.

In the projects, I prefer direct discussions within the team, but also with the contact persons on the customer side. This form of information exchange is often the most effective means of solving challenges. While digital communication is very important in our line of work, being able to see and respond to gestures and facial expressions often allows us to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or explanations.

What are you passionate about outside of Complion?

Cooking: whether Asian, Mediterranean or European cuisine, from homemade saddle of venison to vegan ramen soup, I've been able to cook everything successfully so far (admittedly, sometimes more or less).

Besides cooking, however, sports are also a great passion: running, swimming, cycling or even a relaxed workout at home are just the thing to get the muscles going a bit after a long day.

If there is still time left, I also like to do handicrafts. After dropping out of law school, I was faced with the question, "Now for another degree or would you rather do an apprenticeship?". I almost became a carpenter's apprentice. That's why I still love to make things out of wood. From my own constructions to small, homemade gifts, it is a pleasure to create something with my hands.

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