Vendor Observer Competence Center

Vendor Observer Competence Center

Operation of the Vendor Observer Competence Center


The Vendor Observer Competence Center (VOCC) collects, analyzes and presents Software Asset Management news to a community of contract and license managers.


Initial situation and problem definition

The software market is large and confusing for license managers

In-depth presentations on complex topics only rarely available

Vendor press officers dazzle with marketing

No regular exchange with other license managers


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Monthly session calls on license management and Software Asset Management

Discussion of current news

Presentation and analysis of a specific topic from the field of license management each month



Processing and analysis of license management specific sources several times a week by Complion's VOCC team

Creation of monthly presentations for session calls in English

A session call in German for subscribers on the last Friday of each month


Results achieved and outlook

Reliable and up-to-date information on developments in the enterprise software market through the Vendor Observer Competence Center

Exchange of experiences in dealing with the major software houses (Microsoft, SAP, IBM, etc.) between a group of regular participants in the monthly session calls