SAM tool implementation

SAM tool implementation

Company-wide implementation of a SAM tool at a trading company operating internationally


The introduction of the SAM tool allows the company to efficiently create compliance reporting and improve the license management department’s ability to obtain and provide information.


Initial situation and problem definition

International trading company: > 40,000 employees and approx. 25,000 devices (server and client)

No transparency over commercial stocks of software

Existing central license management, but historically decentralized IT responsibilities and procurement units

Significant manual effort required for compliance reporting (Excel-based)


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Creation of a central repository and transparency of license inventories

Efficient creation of compliance reports

Commercial scope: five largest software vendors

Technical scope: highest possible coverage rate of automated systems and software inventories



Creation of concept incl. scope, definition of organizational structure and responsibilities, detailed concept for the connection of data sources, authorization concept

Collecting, processing, and importing commercial data

Configuring, testing and distributing the inventory agents

Conducting plausibility checks through the connection of additional technical sources

Functional tool configuration (license assignments, up-/ downgrade rights, etc.)

Preparation of initial license report for defined software manufacturers


Results achieved and outlook

Software contracts stored centrally

Initial license report created for all software products in scope

Introduction of company-wide SAM tool with automated inventory solution completed

Adaptation of existing processes carried out

Outlook: Expansion of License Management to further products and vendors