ITSM tool selection

ITSM tool selection

Selection process for an ITSM tool at a trading company operating internationally


A selection decision for a new ITSM tool is to be made within a 3-month period and preparations are made for its procurement.


Initial situation and problem definition

Trading company operating internationally with > 40,000 employees, approx. 25,000 devices (server and client)

Central service provider for helpdesk, IT commodity services and company-specific services

Vendor support for ITSM tool currently in use (HP ServiceCenter) ends

No functional test or development systems, at the same time technical problems in the production system

Migration not possible due to high level of customization


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Selection of suitable ITSM tools by a fixed deadline

Procurement to be carried out in the current fiscal year

Establishment of a backup system following selection process

Short-term replacement of the old system



Creation of list of criteria and determination of quantities and interfaces

Tool selected after multi-stage bidding process: 
(1) market screening, (2) product screening, (3) bid and presentation of project process by two potential vendors, (4) obtain best and final offer (5) vendor decision (6) negotiation of contract details.

Review and approval of contract by central legal department


Results achieved and outlook

Vendor selected, licenses procured, standard implementation assigned

Negotiated license volume: approx. 230,000 Euro with 220 concurrent users

Outlook: Implementation of standard product as backup system, configuration via workshops