GDPR compliance support

GDPR compliance support

GDPR compliance support


Review of existing data protection provisions in the group and adaptation in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.


Initial situation and problem definition

Data protection guidelines based on the old version of the German Federal Data Protection Act established throughout the group and formally updated to the amended legal framework of the GDPR

Implementation of the guidelines through appropriate measures to achieve GDPR compliance overdue

Individualized approaches to employee sensitization taken by data protection coordinators

Aim: Creation of uniform online data protection training and group-wide roll-out


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Review and adaptation of measures to implement the data protection directives

Review and, if necessary, adaptation of data protection-relevant templates and documents

Implementation of updated data protection guidelines within the group

Designing, recording and coordinating online data protection training and gaining approval for group-wide roll-out



Agreeing on identified change requirements with the data protection coordinators and the data protection officer

Updating / creating templates and documents and initiation of approval process; distribution of documents within the group

Development and coordination of content for online data protection training; completion and roll-out of the training course


Results achieved and outlook

Implementation of the requirements of the GDPR using the new measures

Uniform use of adapted templates and documents within the group

Online data protection training available for group employees