Cyber Security Competence Center

Cyber Security Competence Center

Operation of the Cyber Security Competence Center


The Cyber Security Competence Center (CSCC) delivers customized weekly threat intelligence reports to a "trusted community" of IT security officers.


Initial situation and problem definition

Research into newly discovered product vulnerabilities requires a lot of time

IT security officers must filter hundreds of security alerts

Official bodies are often too slow

Regular exchanges with other IT security officers do not take place often enough


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Weekly cybersecurity reports, including attacks & data breaches, vulnerabilities & patches, and security intelligence

A "trusted community" with weekly exchanges on security-related topics

Regular face-to-face meetings



Creation of a user stack after interviewing the participants

Compilation and daily scanning of the sources by Complion experts

Weekly reports as well as quarterly and annual reports in German and English

Regular face-to-face meetings for in-depth knowledge exchange between subscribers


Results achieved and outlook

Presentation of the report in weekly CSCC calls, followed by discussion among the participants

Several face-to-face meetings per year

Quarterly and annual reports providing statistical summaries

"Trusted Community" of subscribers to support each other