Cloud migration

Cloud migration

License management for migration from own data center into the AWS Cloud


In the course of the cloud migration, the licensing risks were quantified and an agreed basis for cloud operation and future changes was created.


Initial situation and problem definition

More than 70 business applications developed in-house, supported by the group's internal service provider in its data center

1:1 migration to the AWS Cloud or to an external data center

No licensing evaluation of the cloud migration in the initial project approach

During the project, unplanned, budget-effective additional requirements requested for the licenses provided


Objectives, project scope and benefits

Licenses to be provided in a transparent manner

Increases and reductions to license requirements resulting from the migration to be determined for planning purposes

License risks and budget impacts to be quantified

Responsibilities for license provision and compliance to be described

Licence provisions for regular operations to be defined in terms of quantity



Survey covering license provisioning with application owners, internal service providers and license managers

Expansion of the project to include two quality gates for evaluation under licensing law

Ongoing quantification and reporting of license risks and budget impacts

Definition of responsibilities for license management activities in regular operations


Results achieved and outlook

Central documentation of the licenses provided

Compliance risks from migration, differentiated by 1:1 transfer vs. optimization

Established pooling for license increases and reductions to minimize budget impact

Defined operating model for license provisioning and associated responsibility for licenses

License management requirements for contracting with internal and external operators