NoSnowOn – Team-Event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen


NoSnowOn – Team-Event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

We are used to getting up early and long train rides in Consulting, so the alarm clock rang for many of us at around five o'clock. With the prospect of the reunion and the Alps, however, getting up was easy. The popular anecdotes about the latest top performances of the railroad fell flat this time – everyone reached their destination on time: Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Tag 1 – Business & Hotel Bar

Still somewhat dazzled by the welcome in the "Kingdom of Bavaria", we started the business part at 3 p.m. following the announced agenda. After a brief overview of the planning of the operational organization for 2023, we were asked to let off steam in groups on large papers. The task: Put the COMPLION portfolio into the form of a network plan. The special highlight of the task: the result of another group was presented, which was allowed to be worked on further before the presentation in a structure-preserving (!) manner. At least two out of three groups still found their original structure in the final presentation. After a classic fondue at a long table, we ended the day at the hotel bar with a fireplace, darts, and billiards.

Complion-Team vor dem Riessersee

Day 2 – Alpine Mountains without Snow

Well rested – unusual nightly silence for the city dwellers – and invigorated, we set off the next morning for a team competition at Badersee. Various tasks in the snow were planned. But since there were only marginal remnants of snow from last year, the organizers rescheduled for us: In four teams, we gave our all at the stations of biathlon, curling, pickup sticks, and “Stoßbuddeln” (a mixture of table skittles and billiards). And since the love of structure is obviously deeply rooted in all of us, team 1 took first place, team 2 second, team 3 third and for team 4 this left fourth place. With the Outdoor Trophy in the backpack, a short hike around the Badersee was then on the agenda – ice-free, glassy, clear and with a panoramic view of the Zugspitze.

Outdoor-Trophy Complion-Team

The afternoon still offered, among other things, the opportunity to feel the winter splendor of bygone times. The historic Olympic bobsled run Riessersee - Garmisch-Partenkirchen can still be visited in its full length. Information boards describe how the facility, which is now a listed building, was prepared from blocks of ice for the sporting winter during a full month.

Day 3 – Departure and Conclusion

While some of the team set off early to go skiing on the Zugspitze, the others were already taking the train home.

The outcome of the event: no snow, but the Alps have their charm in winter even without snow, getting to know new colleagues, exchanging ideas within the team, getting a new outlook on the 2023 financial year, taking a piece of the Alpine romance back home with. And now we are moving on to everyday life with new motivation.

Author: Anne Pinke