Digital Asset Compliance


Digital Asset Compliance

Protection of data and digital assets

Securing the basis for the digitalization of cutting edge business models and processes

Data of all kinds are the digital assets of today. In addition to traditional means of production ("bricks-and-mortar", land, buildings, machines, energy) and us humans, practically all business models are also based on data. Such data is sometimes obtained in a very complex way.

The ever-increasing centrality of data to most companies’ business models means that its effective and compliant extraction and provision is fast becoming the basis for business success. Almost everywhere, existing data landscapes are being transformed into a new architecture. Our activities are aimed at helping to shape this new data architecture and at advising companies on how to successfully come through this change process.

We support our clients in data protection and classification, data security, data processing and the documentation of these processes, data organization and semantics and digital rights management.